7th Regional CEED Conference

This summer, Croatia will become the 28th member state of the European Union. It is already one of the most interesting countries for foreign direct investment in the region.

CEED will bring together over 200 growth-oriented entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe to learn, collaborate, and network in a fund and dynamic environment. At this year’s conference, regional and international entrepreneurs and investors will share their views and experiences on:

Competing in developed markets

Finding the niches for small companies

Opportunities in Croatia and the region

Partnering to accelerate growth

You will also have the opportunity to pitch your business and get feedback from an audience of entrepreneurs and international investors.

The conference will offer many networking opportunities for building new business relationships.

Datum i vrijeme
Ponedjeljak, 20. Svibanj 2013 (Cijeli dan) - Utorak, 21. Svibanj 2013 (Cijeli dan)
CEED Makedonija