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About hy!
hy! is an event series in Berlin addressing all those who are enthusiastic about pioneering products and their designers. During hy!, emerging startups and established entrepreneurs come together to push the creative digitization of the European economy. Each event connects
the global startup community by giving upcoming entrepreneurs the chance to present themselves to a large audience of interested innovators. Participants can network with well-known figures from politics, media, and the technology scene. Founded in 2012, the third event takes place June 2-4 2013. hy! is organized by the Berlin based entrepreneurs Hans Raffauf and Aydogan Ali Schosswald. In January 2013, publisher Axel Springer AG invested in the operating company hyvent GmbH

Hy! Berlin – June 2013
On June 2 – hy! Invites awesome technology pioneers on stage in Berlin. You'll experience a show with lost of entertainment and jaw-dropping stories of enterpreneurs & designers. Also, get an exclusive glance at great new products and support startups from all around Europe, competing in hy! Trademark competition.
June 3 +4
Hy! Brings together 150 creators who puch boundaries in technology & media. They will engage into powerful dialogue in a laid-back atmosphere while discovering Berlin.


Datum i vrijeme
Nedjelja, 2. Lipanj 2013 (Cijeli dan) - Utorak, 4. Lipanj 2013 (Cijeli dan)
hy ! Berlin