Networking Unchained

Have you ever felt lonely and uncomfortable during social and networking events? Ever left them without getting any good connections? Networking can change your life in a positive way. But only if you apply it right and in right places.

At "Networking Unchained" seminar we will talk about rules and techniques of better networking and even create your personal networking plan for the next 3 months that will bring you new connections and will change your personal and professional life.

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Seminar Plan:

1. Introduction
2. Networking 101
- Defining networking
- Qualities for successful networking, networking state of mind
- Law of giving and receiving
- Emotional bank account
- Networking lifecycle
3. Personal networking strategy
- Know yourself
- Setting personal and professional goals
- Sphere of influence
- Creating a story
- Self-positioning
- Networking plan
4. How to make new connections
- 10 best places and techniques for making new connections
- Small talk
- Making right first impression
- Business cards
5. How to build stronger relationships: 15 techniques for keeping connections warm and building stronger relationships
6. Turning relationships into profit
7. Networking etiquete and major networking mistakes
8. Digital tools for networkers
9. Homework

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Datum i vrijeme
Četvrtak, 20. Lipanj 2013 - 18:00
HUB Zagreb