Startup Weekend Veenendaal

Developers, designers, engineers, inventors and business people unite!

Join Startup Weekend Veenendaal if you have a great idea or love to work on innovative and sustainable concepts. Bring them to the next level in 54 hours and start a new company!

Startup Weekend started out in 2007 and has since then due to its huge success been held in more than 300 cities and launched over thousands of new profitable businesses.

Are you a developer or designer?

Create new websites, apps or games during Startup Weekend. You can work on your own concepts and get help from others or join a team to develop innovative products and services. Use your awesome skills and launch a new sustainable product or service in 54 hours!

Are you an engineer, scientist or inventor?

Are you working on world changing products or services? Join startup weekend to team up with business minded people, designers and developers. Test market opportunities and bring your sustainable innovations to market within 54 hours!

Business person or marketeer?

Have an awesome idea but don't know how to build it? Do you know everything about social media, customer segments, advertising, etc? Team up with developers, designers and engineers to launch a successful sustainable startup!

Are you student?

This is your opportunity for some real experience learning. Within 54 hours Startup Weekend takes you through a roller coaster. Learn how to build innovative products or services, design stunning products and feel what it's like to start your own company!

Datum i vrijeme
Petak, 21. Lipanj 2013 - 18:00 - Nedjelja, 23. Lipanj 2013 - 21:00
Startup Weekend