ZIP MasterClass #1 with Colette Ballou and Christian Thaler-Wolski

The ZIP MasterClass Series brings top international speakers and mentors to Zagreb to talk and teach about startups and entrepreneurship.

For the first lecture we are bringing you:

• Colette Ballou, founder and president of Ballou PR;

• Christian Thaler-Wolski, principal at Wellington Partners (one of the top European VC funds) and mentor at Seedcamp.

Colette will share her rich expertise in PR and give advice on how startups should go about building relationships with the media, while Christian will talk about raising money from European VCs, providing useful tips and suggestions.

Attendance is free, so we can hardly think of a reason for you not to come – just be quick to register via Entrio and join us for a startupy evening :)

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Datum i vrijeme
Petak, 5. Srpanj 2013 - 16:00 - 19:00