Lean Startup Model

An action packed workshop with 20% theory, and 80% practical activities for your business. Including: An Introduction to Lean Startup Starting & critiquing your Business Model Canvas Identifying your "Best Customers" How & where do you find them? How do you interview them? What do you do with their answers? Come with your startup idea and a willingness to get your hands dirty - you'll leave with an understanding of Lean, a list of customers segments, a strategy to find them, and a script to interview them with! Justin Wilcox is the Founder of OnCompare, Nimbus Health, and Fotozio, and is a highly respected global expert on lean startup methodologies and customer development. Visit his blog http://customerdevlabs.com/ for Lean Startup Experiments.

Datum i vrijeme
Četvrtak, 14. Studeni 2013 - 18:00