Startup Live

Startup Live is a three-day startup event that provides networking, resources and incentives for individuals and teams to go from idea to launch in just one weekend. The event brings together the local startup community with other European entrepreneurs and enables the participants to connect with experienced entrepreneurs, experts and investors. As such It doesn’t serve as a singular happening but is the beginning of a great journey to build up a local startup ecosystem that helps and supports existing and future entrepreneurs.

We organize Startup Live events all over Europe and nourish regional communities as well as connecting entrepreneurs all over Europe. Those who stand out from this community - the best startups, organizers, community members - are invited to the Pioneers Festival and take part in a special track where we connect them as a group, but also get them in touch with the top-notch speakers, investors and partners. This way, we create a highly interconnected community that supports the individual members and ensure entrepreneurial success in Europe.


Startup Live Zagreb

Zagreb, Stara gradska vijećnica
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