CollabMate for roommates
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What is CollabMate?

CollabMate is full house management mobile, tablet and desktop application! If you live with roommates you can easily know:

1. who owe to whom and how much money, for which bills of common supplies
2. which house bills are paid or not paid
3. online payment (bills and rent for flat)
3. make cleaning schedule
4. make rules
5. leave message to your roommates
6. Have all important house papers on one place
7. make phone logger for land line
8. Find new roommates with appropriate manners and also new flat!

If you are Landlords you can
1. access to all house bills and see if bill is paid or not paid
2. leave message to your tenant
3. You can easy in one click make ad for your flat and see what manners your future tenant have.

if you are real estate agency
1. you can make ads for all your flats and have management for your flats with CollabMate.